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We support children's wellbeing by giving the best opportunity for a healthy childhood. 

We believe that every child deserves to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment that promotes their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Our goal is to ensure that every child has the necessary resources and support to reach their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstance. 


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Who are the children?

Around 450 children in Malta live in residential or foster care. They are separated from their biological parent/s since the parent/s would not be fit or in a position to take care of them. Most instances occur through a care order.

Who offers care?

The staff within the homes dedicate their lives to caring for these children, nurturing them with the same love and attention as any devoted parent would do for their own.

To build resilience and mental wellbeing for children currently living in residential care at Fondazzjoni Sebħ

Where is home?

These children live in different homes located across Malta, and are mainly taken care of by: 

- Fondazzjoni Sebħ 

- Fondazzjoni Dar San Gużepp

- St Patrick’s Residential Services

- Ursuline Sisters

- FSWS - Directorate for Alternative Care

- Richmond Foundation – Kids

- Fejda & Jean Antide

- Dar Frate Jacoba

- Caritas - Tal-Ibwar

- Foster Care

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One of the greatest gaps in the homes is the consistent provision of high quality psychotherapy to the children to improve their mental wellbeing and cope with the daily challenges they are presented with. 

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