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Raising awareness with the public about our latest project and encouraging donations. The public is encouraged to join the run on the day. 

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When: 30th April & 1st May 2023

Venue: Matthew Micallef St. John Athletics Stadium, Marsa

Start: 07:00 on 30th April

Duration: 35 - 40 hours

Who are we running for?

In Malta and Gozo there are over 400 children staying in residential homes whose parents, for various reasons, are not in a position to look after them.


Fondazzjoni Sebħ is an NGO that takes care of 45 of these children, with each child requiring  constant support for their mental well-being.


This run aims to support The Children in Need Foundation's effort to create awareness and raise funds for this purpose.

Claudio Camilleri will attempt to run 200km around the 400m track, whilst philanthropist and businessman Daniel Abela will push himself to run the longest distance possible he will endure.

Join the run and donate!

During the 2 days, you are all invited to join us in this initiative and run around the track, whilst contributing a donation with a value of your choice.

You will be able to attend throughout the run  with the exception of a short time bracket between 10am and 11am on Monday 1st May.

Businesses are encouraged to sponsor their employees for the number of laps they run around the track. 

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What's Happening?

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